yazYaz, manufactured by Bayer, is prescribed to women of childbearing age to prevent pregnancy and to regulate monthly cycles. Bayer also claimed it could be used to treat bloating and acne. All oral contraceptives carry a higher risk of developing blood clots in the legs and lungs, but Yaz studies show a woman taking it  may have up to three times greater chance of developing a blood clot.

The difference between Yaz and other birth control pills is drospirenone, a synthetic progesterone also used in Yasmin, Gianvi and Zarah. Drospirenone can stop the body from secreting hormones that regulate the body’s electrolytes and water, leading to increased potassium levels. These increased potassium levels can lead to hyperkalemia that can cause the heart to stop suddenly.

Yaz has been linked to blood clots, or deep vein thrombosis (DVT) where clots form in a woman’s deep veins or legs. When a clot breaks free it can become stuck in a lung (causing a heart attack or other medical condition) or in the brain (causing a stroke) or in the heart (causing a heart attack).

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Yaz has been linked to a higher risk of strokes and heart attacks than other birth control pills, but the FDA has not removed it from the market despite the fact that some of the people making the decision were on Bayer’s payroll. Many young women are taking Bayer to court to get justice in a class action suit. If you or a family member have been injured or killed by taking Yaz, please call Nolan Caddell and Reynolds for a free consultation.