Why Complications Arise When Retrievable IVC Filters Aren’t Retrieved

Complications arise from retrievable IVC filters.

If you received a retrievable IVC filter to help with the prevention of fatal lung clots, your health may have been impacted by complications that have been linked to these devices. A study conducted over a three-year period found that only 1.6% of retrievable IVC filters were properly retrieved. This means that the vast majority of patients with a retrievable IVC filter have never actually had it retrieved, which has contributed to complications that have resulted in a wide range of health problems, and in some cases, have even resulted in death. Each of these retrievable IVC filter complications are currently being reviewed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Retrievable IVC filter complications have led to a growing number of IVC filter lawsuits and claims. If you experienced one of the following complications after your IVC filter was not retrieved or was improperly retrieved, you should consider taking the necessary steps to file an IVC filter claim.


Perhaps the most irreversible complication that can arise with an IVC filter is penetration of the vein or organ wall, which is known as a perforation. This complication is caused by the filter struts being pushed up against the blood vessels walls. When this happens, laceration and penetration occur, which are two types of perforation. Laceration can lead to internal bleeding that can cause significant health risks. This type of perforation typically has to be corrected with surgery.


One of the most common retrievable IVC filter complications is migration. Side effects that can threaten the patient’s life can occur when these filters migrate away from their implanted location. For instance, the IVC filter may migrate to the heart or lungs and cause serious life-threatening issues. If the retrievable IVC filter migrates to certain parts of the heart, it becomes irretrievable – or only retrievable with a high-risk surgery.

Filter Fracture

Filter fracture has been a common occurrence with IVC filters since they were first introduced. Filter fracture happens when the struts of a filter become fractured and fall away from the IVC filter. In some cases, a filter fracture can become life threatening if the struts are left in the body. Typically, a doctor will review the location of the fractured filter and determine if surgery is required to remove the struts.


An embolism is typically correlated with some of the above complications, such as a filter fracture or migration. If this filter travels to the brain, lungs, or heart, it can create an embolism. An embolism occurs when clotted blood blocks the passage of blood through vessels, blocking the supply of oxygen to cells. Embolisms are one of the primary reasons why IVC filters are now under such intense scrutiny.

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