Talcum Powder

Despite the clinical evidence that talcum powder is linked to ovarian cancer, talc remains an unregulated substance in the U.S. It is widely used in the cosmetic industry and in baby powders.

Talcum powder, commonly use in facial powder and baby powder, is suspected as the culprit of 2,200 ovarian cases diagnosed each year. A study published by Anticancer Research confirmed that weekly use of talcum powder can potentially increase a woman’s risk to ovarian cancer by 33%.

Furthermore, a study in 2008 found that women who use talcum powder on a daily basis have a greater chance of developing ovarian cancer. It was in the early 70’s when medical researchers first found talc fibres in the ovary tissue of women who were diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Since then, various studies have been done to see if there is a link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer.

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During the first quarter of 2014, it was reported that Johnson and Johnson, the biggest distributor of talcum powder products, was hit with a class action lawsuit by residents in Missouri who had been using baby powders for the past five years. The claim accused J&J for its failure to warn against the possibility of developing ovarian cancer from using talcum powder.

More claims have followed as people are becoming aware of the possible dangers in talcum powder.