DePuy Hip Implants

DePuy-121DePuy Orthodontics designed the Pinnacle Hip Replacement System for younger patients who need a device to last longer and give them better flexibility and range of motion than previous hip replacements. The metal-on-metal construction was supposed to last longer and eliminate overuse failures experienced with other replacement systems.

The metal-on-metal construction is associated with metallosis. When the hip moves, microscopic bits of metal are released into the surrounding tissue, and infection can kill the tissue and bone around the implant leading to pain, illness or looseness around the implant.

The metal can also enter the blood stream causing damage to other areas of the body such as the skin and other organs leading to heart problems, blindness, deafness, skin rashes, thyroid problems and poor memory and mental fogginess.

The only proven treatment for metallosis is to reverse the surgery to replace the metal-on-metal hip with a ceramic-on-medal or plastic-on-metal implant. Some patients have problems with the revision surgery due to extensive tissue damage and weak bones. The earlier the treatment, the better chance of an acceptable outcome.

Have you been injured by a Dangerous Drug or Recalled Medical Device?
If you or a loved one was injured by Dangerous Drug or Recalled Medical Device, you may be entitled to compensation.

Johnson & Johnson has set aside around $2.5 billion to pay people who were forced to have revision surgery and more money has been reserved for people who have been harmed depending on severity of injuries and other factors.

If you have been harmed after having hip replacement surgery, call the lawyers at Nolan Caddell Reynolds today to get help paying for your reverse surgery and to receive relief from your pain and suffering.