Daiichi Sankyo’s Benicar is linked to serious adverse effects like malnourishment, chronic diarrhea and even to an intestinal problem similar to Celiac disease.

Benicar is an Angiotensin Receptor Antagonist (ARA) medication for high blood pressure in children of at least 6 years old and adults. Since the drug’s birth, the manufacturer has spent over a billion dollar promoting it; highlighting its efficacy and its safety as its unique selling point. Nonetheless, according to clinical studies, the drug has been found to cause sprue-like enteropathy or the condition where the patient experience chronic diarrhea that leads to substantial weight loss.

The United States Food and Drug Administration already warned consumers about the drug as it may cause severe gastrointestinal (GI) problems. The drug is also linked to villous atrophy, a condition that causes the intestines’ lining to lose its texture making nutrient absorption hard, leading to malnutrition.

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  • 2003 – a year after Benicar’s availability in the market, the FDA released a warning of the possibility of sprue-like enteropathy as adverse effect of the drug
  • 2014 – the first lawsuit against the manufacturer were filed in federal courts and there are more cases expected

Plantiffs have filed suit against Daiichi Sankyo for concealing Benicar‘s danger to the public and failing to warn its consumers about the possibility of serious adverse effects. If you are a person who was affected by the serious side effects of the drug, you have options against the manufacturer and may be eligible for compensation.