Actos (generic name Pioglitazone Hydrochloride), a prescription medication use to treat Type 2 diabetes, has been in the U.S Food and Drug Administration’s radar since late 2010 because of its life threatening, adverse effects including heart failure and bladder cancer.

Actos is a drug distributed by Eli Lilly and Company and made by Takeda Pharmaceuticals. It was once a bestselling diabetes medication in the United States.

After FDA’s review on Actos, they ordered its manufacturer to include a warning on the drug’s label. The updated Actos label states that the usage of the drug for more than a year may lead to bladder cancer. Other serious side effects of the drug are heart failure, rapid weight gain, jaundice, painful urination and blurry vision. With the reported possible side effects of this medication, in 2011, drug regulators in France and Germany suspended its usage.

On its summarized analysis, the FDA reported; the risk of bladder cancer increased with the increasing dose and duration of Actos use, reaching statistical significance after 24 months of exposure. Along with this risk, in 2011, the FDA also warned that those who are taking Actos are 40% more prone to bladder cancer than those who hadn’t taken the drug. A study in Canada lead by epidemiologist Dr. Laurent Azoulay involving 116,000 patients records in the United Kingdom concluded that patients who took Actos for more than two years are twice likely to develop bladder cancer.

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Today, a notable number of Actos lawsuits are filed in federal courts including in the U.S District Court of the Western District of Louisiana to where the pre-trial proceedings are under Judge Rebecca Doherty. These lawsuits claim that both the manufacturer and distributor of the drug misrepresented its efficacy and actively concealed its risks. There are also Plaintiffs who claim that there weren’t adequate warning about Actos’ adverse effects.

A person who is injured by Actos’ adverse effect may qualify for compensation. The very first step is to seek guidance from a product liability lawyer who can guide you through his legal options and the steps to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer. The compensation may be from a trial verdict or through settlement.